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Good News! BootCraft opens it's doors again soon.

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Being a busy working mum I look for anything to save time - time saving is the biggest asset BootCraft is for me. I save 4 hours every week on program writing, with each program provided being creative, fresh, technically sound, fun and challenging my clients who keep coming back. Being a member of this amazing community is a no brainer for me!

Kirstyn Campbell

Speaker, Educator and Owner of KC Fit

Features Explained

Weekly Drill Digest

We keep things fresh by adding new drills to BootCraft every week. These are sent out via email in the Weekly Drill Digest.

BootCraft Library

Warm ups, circuits, team drills, strength, HIT, they’re all there and ready for you to use.

Search and Filter

Find exactly the drill you need for your workout plan with our powerful search feature.

Session Plans

New to running bootcamps? Our training videos and done-for-you workout plans will help you create your own plans for your group (or just use ours).

HD Video Library

We regularly update our video library of bootcamp exercises. Use this for ideas or as a reference reading our drills.

Crafter Community

Get access to our community of supportive trainers both on BootCraft and in our private community.

24/7 Access

BootCraft is available 24/7 so you can access it anytime, no matter where in the world you are based.

Cancel Anytime

No lock-in contracts or minimums. Cancel anytime via your account or by reaching out to us.


Is BootCraft really worth it?

Absolutely! BootCraft pays for itself in two ways:

  1. How much is an hour of your time worth? If BootCraft saves you an hour normally spent planning sessions each week, that's an hour you can be taking on another client or session (or taking some well earned rest!).
  2. By using BootCraft, your sessions will improve in quality and variety. This will lead to better retention and, importantly, more word of mouth.

If I change my mind, is it easy to cancel?

Yes. You are not locked in to anything and may cancel anytime either in your account settings or by simply reaching out to support.

What's the Crafter Community like?

The community is a place to ask questions, to share your ideas, to get feedback and more. We also run challenges to help you find new clients and improve your skills as a trainer.

Can I search for just X type of drills?

Our Search function allows you to search by Type (cardio, strength, warm up, etc.), Features (boxing, bodyweight, etc.), the length of the drill (useful for planning), the minimum size group you'll need and whether it will work indoors or not.

We've also added a filter for virtual (eg. through Zoom) sessions and physical distanced sessions.

What's your view on diversity?

We have members from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Netherlands, United Kingdom, South Africa, Iceland, Malaysia, UAE, Hong Kong, Philipines, Jordan, China, South Korea, Fiji, Virgin Islands, Costa Rica, Barbados, Portugal, Morocco, France, Austria, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Greece, Slovinia, Germany, Israel, Thailand and Kenya.

All are welcome!

What if I miss the window to sign up?

Doors open to BootCraft every 3 months, if you miss the window to sign up, you can join then. Of course, that's 3 long months you'll be without BootCraft!

Ready to get started?