...998, 999, 1000 Drills!

On a wet and blustery Sunday on the 8th of August, 2021, myself and Theresa and Liz did a jig around our offices.

BootCraft had reached a huge milestone: 1,000 group fitness drill ideas.

To celebrate we're giving you a chance to try BootCraft out for 1,000 hours.

How Does BootCraft Help You?

I created BootCraft to do one thing really well:

Help group fitness trainers plan amazing workouts in a fraction of the time.

Now with over 1,000 drills available to members, it's never been a better resource for trainers to use.

Faster, Better, Funner Group Fitness Sessions

Weekly Workout Ideas

NEW - Ever get brain-mush? You know, when you're mind doesn't seem to be able to do anything creative?

BootCraft grew to 1,000 drills by adding 3 brand-new drills every Sunday. Now, we email those 3 drills directly to your inbox every week for you to keep.

So without even having to sign in, you can quickly get access to some bootcamp drills to help inspire a session.

plan a session in 10 minutes

When you're feeling more organised, you'll find planning a session on BootCraft takes as little as 5-10 minutes (depending how much you want to customise).

While 1,000 drills might seem like a lot of drills, we've got a handy search function to help you find just the drill you're looking for.

If you're unsure the best way to plan a bootcamp session... no worries, we've got a course for you that included in your membership.

More time & Energy

When we get down to it, what BootCraft really does is free up your time and energy that's normally spent planning sessions so that you can spend that time on other things like:

  • Spending more time with your family and friends
  • Working ON your business instead of IN it
  • Doing your own workouts and training
  • Planning cool events and surprises for your clients

BootCraft Drill Library Breakdown

Here's what our members say:

So here's THE DEAL

To celebrate reaching 1,000 group fitness ideas and drills we'd like to offer new members something special:

Get 1,000 hours of BootCraft for the low price of 1,000 cents

That's 6 weeks of BootCraft for just $10. Then you'll continue on whichever plan you pick. Cancel anytime, you're in full control.

To sign up just follow these steps:

  1. 1
    Pick your plan below.
  2. 2
    Sign up for your plan. You'll get the first 2 weeks free.
  3. 3
    After the 2 weeks is over, you'll be charged $10 (AUD) for your first paid month.
  4. 4
    That's over 6 weeks for just $10. If you choose to stay, you'll then continue at the normal plan rate.

Only for 72 hours

To take advantage of this celebration offer you must sign up in the next 72 hours. This offer closes midnight August 13th, 2021.

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You missed out!

Pick your plan:

BootCraft Lite
  • 3 Drills Emailed To You Per Week
  • Exclusive Community Access
  • No lock-in contract. Cancel anytime.
  • No access to online libraries, emails only




Bootcraft Pro
  • 3 Drills Emailed To You Per Week
  • Exclusive Community Access
  • BootCraft Drill Library - now with over 1,000 drills
  • BootCraft HD Exercise Video Library
  • Mix and Match or Done-For-You Session Plans
  • Training Videos and eBooks
  • Quarterly Business Growth Live Workshops
  • Workshop Recordings
  • Step-By-Step Business Guides
  • On Demand Access 24/7 365
  • No lock-in contract. Cancel anytime.




BootCraft is such a lifesaver. It has saved me endless hours of coming up with with new ideas and workouts for my business. I can literally have my session planned in a matter of minutes which is extremely valuable when you live a busy life. I highly recommend BootCraft to anyone that runs a fitness business and would like to spend less time planning sessions and searching for new ideas and freeing up time for other activities.

– Naomi Miller, Bodsquad Fitness

I cannot remember the days before I joined BootCraft! Its such a handy tool to have and a great community to be part of! Kyle shares some incredible ideas along with the rest of the featured trainers. It helps add a bit of fun back into Bootcamp and takes the stress away if you need a quick idea or two to help plan a session! A HUGE we love you BootCraft all the way from England!

– Jorgia Craven, JLC Fitness

Kyle and the team at BootCraft provide an excellent service! The workouts are great for variety and easy to modify if necessary. If I’m ever in need of something, this is my “go to” site!

– Mark Pihema, Step Into Life, Mt Maunganui, New Zealand

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


I have so much faith that you'll love BootCraft that if, for whatever reason, you don't. Simply email me before the 6 weeks are up and I'll refund you the money you spent.

If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

Frequently asked questions

Is this a subscription or one off payment?

BootCraft requires an active subscription. By signing up today your selected plan will be renewed monthly once the 6 week promotional period is over.

Can I cancel before the subscription starts?

Yes. You're not locked into anything.

You can turn off auto-renew from your account page at any time.

Is there an annual plan?

Yes. Annual plans give you a discount of 33%. You can switch to an annual plan after signing up.

What are the differences between the Lite, Crafter and Pro plans?

The Lite plan is our answer to the past 18 months. You won't get access to BootCraft's archive of drills and plans, but you will still get 3 fresh drills sent to you per month and access to our supportive community.

The Crafter plan gives you access to everything that makes BootCraft great. The full workout archive, plans, community, emails and exercise library are available to those on the Crafter and Pro plans.

The Pro plan is for trainers who also want support growing in their business. It includes workshops, weekly assignments and a private discussion area.

Here are 50 of the fresh bootcamp drills waiting for you...

Box It Out
Share The Pain
Eye of the Tiger Finisher
Double Down
Cardio, Core and Upper Body HIIT
Replace with the ACE
You Decide – Drop It Off!
It’s 2 Hot
Cardio Mix Up
Add it Up, Work it Out
Walk the Walk
Full Body Burn
Square Drill

Partner Resisted Sprints
Tennis Ball Sprints
Circuit Slayer
After The Roll
Fire It Up!
Between Two Chairs
Strength + Mobility Supersets
Hats Off To You
Getting To Know You Supersets
Watery EMOM
Wheel Of Fitness
Pass It Down, Add It Up

Spinner, Spinner, Chicken Dinner
Strength + Mobility Mash Up
Dunk It AMRAPs
Mobility, Strength and Core Mini Circuits
Christmas In July – The (Re)Gift of Fitness
Chipper Fitness Test
Power Abs
Carry One Over
Kitchen Sink Rounds
Amazing AMRAPs
Volleyball Warm Up
Breakout Room Fun…NOT!!
Half and Half

‘Take On Me’
Squared Up
The Cardio is Coming
Cardio for the Win
Suity Toot Toot
Boxing with Dumbbells
400 Reps
Strength + Chipper
Hardcore AMRAP Add On
Target Area

Plus over 950 more! What are you waiting for?