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No more scratching your head, spending hours trying to plan your next session. Leverage the power of community with BootCraft and get your hands on 100s of tried, tested and loved bootcamp workout ideas.


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BootCraft helps you to:

Get Inspired With New Ideas Weekly

Ever get brain-mush? You know, when you're mind doesn't seem to be able to do anything creative?

BootCraft grew to 1,000 drills by adding 3 brand-new drills every Sunday. Now, we email those 3 drills directly to your inbox every week for you to keep.

So without even having to sign in, you can quickly get access to some bootcamp drills to help inspire a session

Plan Your Sessions Fast

When you're feeling more organised, you'll find planning a session on BootCraft takes as little as 5-10 minutes (depending how much you want to customise).

While 1,000 drills might seem like a lot of drills, we've got a handy search function to help you find just the drill you're looking for.

If you're unsure the best way to plan a bootcamp session... no worries, we've got a course for you that included in your membership.

Have More Time & Energy

When we get down to it, what BootCraft really does is free up your time and energy that's normally spent planning sessions so that you can spend that time on other things like:

  • Spending more time with your family and friends
  • Working ON your business instead of IN it
  • Doing your own workouts and training
  • Planning cool events and surprises for your clients


I'm Kyle Wood

As a bootcamp trainer the biggest problem I had was finding fresh workout ideas to use at my bootcamp sessions.

I didn't want to just run circuits or the same drills all the time. I wanted plenty of variety to keep my campers coming back. I wanted them curious when they arrived at a session, not knowing what awesome workout I'd have in store for them.

BootCraft is the tool that would have made my life so much easier and saved me so much time.

It's a steady stream of fresh, interesting group fitness ideas that you can use as-is or as inspiration for something new. It's also a huge library of workout ideas (over 1,000 different drills!), exercise and knowledge about running bootcamps thanks to our community.

I know it's going to make your life as a trainer just that little bit easier, as it's already helped the thousands of trainers who've used it before you.

Kyle Wood, Creator of BootCraft

What our Crafters are saying:

*Crafters are what we call our community. Once you join, you'll be a Crafter too!

BootCraft saves you time and makes you money

As a group fitness trainer, the most important thing product you have is your group fitness workouts.

BootCraft will help you make them amazing and get your clients telling their friends about you too.

We've included everything to help make your group fitness sessions bloomin' legendary!

Over 1,000 Original Drills

BootCraft is designed to save you time so we’ve made it really easy to quickly search and find a workout idea.

One of the things we really try to do with BootCraft is post new ideas or unique twists on classic ideas for you to use. You might see the odd familiar workout on there, but there should be a bunch of new ideas to inspire you too.

We also add new drills each month, usually featuring one trainer hand picked from our community as the Featured Designer or a selection from our Master Crafters. This means you’ll get access to workouts used and created by trainers from all around the world.

Detailed Session Plans

All of our sessions have been tried and tested so we give you everything you need to run that session from equipment lists to set up diagrams and how long you need to how many people work best for that session.

We've also a growing library of HD exercise video demonstrations that we link to when using new and interesting bootcamp exercises.

The Community You Didn't Even Realise You Were Missing

We have one of the most active off-Facebook communities for trainers around. How often have you just wanted help from someone who's done it before?

Well you can ask about anything from how to do an exercise to a question about a troublesome client and get an answer.

More Than 600 Trainers Use BootCraft Every Week

BootCraft is such a lifesaver. It has saved me endless hours of coming up with with new ideas and workouts for my business. I can literally have my session planned in a matter of minutes which is extremely valuable when you live a busy life. I highly recommend BootCraft to anyone that runs a fitness business and would like to spend less time planning sessions and searching for new ideas and freeing up time for other activities.

Naomi Miller


I cannot remember the days before I joined BootCraft! Its such a handy tool to have and a great community to be part of! Kyle shares some incredible ideas along with the rest of the featured trainers. It helps add a bit of fun back into Bootcamp and takes the stress away if you need a quick idea or two to help plan a session! A HUGE we love you BootCraft all the way from England!

Jorgia Craven


Kyle and the team at BootCraft provide an excellent service! The workouts are great for variety and easy to modify if necessary. If I’m ever in need of something, this is my “go to” site!

Mark Pihema

Step Into Life, Mt Maunganui

Make Planning Your Next Session a Breeze

BootCraft is here to make your life easier. Start saving time while also improving the quality of your workout sessions.